We’re Off for to Gokyo for Trek Number 3 in Nepal

We’re off to Trek in Nepal. Again.

Above Dingboche Everest Base Camp trek
Above Dingboche Everest Base Camp trek

Yes, I am in love. In love with the Nepalese landscapes and with the simplicity of the trekking in Nepal. A colleague asked me what’s the attraction with Nepal.

Why Go to Trek In Nepal?

If you ask The Trainer (aka my husband) he’d say he’s doing it to keep me fit! In fact, the need to keep up a general level of fitness and then to train four times a week for two or three months before we leave for Nepal, is a big side benefit. But I really liked the feeling of achievement after taking on the challenge of trekking to Everest Base Camp. And feeling so incredibly fit from the simple days, sustained walking, fresh air and fresh food walking through magnificent landscapes. It felt amazing. And I was glowing when I returned home.

Good Planning is Important for a Successful Trek

Signage in the Khumbu

Although we have to the Everest Base Camp region twice before or maybe, because we have been before, I am conscious to not become blasé about what we are about to do.

  1. We have kept up the training.
  2. We (mainly the Trainer) have researched the route and itinerary options
  3. We are reviewing what we take. I have bought a new Osprey day back pack.
  4. We are reviewing the packing list
  5. We reviewed the drug list – the Trainer bought out the chemist.
  6. We checked in with our contact in Kathmandu that everything is on track with flights to Lukla, organising our Porter and getting our TIMS Card which have found out no longer exists.
  7. We have booked our hotel in Kathmandu.

So, we fly to Nepal in two weeks. I am very excited to be staying at the Kathmandu Guest House when we arrive and when we leave. If it’s good enough for Ricky Martin, it’s good enough for us.

We are trekking independently again but will be taking a porter/ guide, like on our second trek.

Trekking to Gokyo Ri and the Gokyo Lakes

We are going back to the Khumbu, the Everest Base Camp region but we are trekking to Gokyo. The trek is marketed as Gokyo and the Glacial lakes. If you read the trekking tour blurbs this is what they list as the highlights.

  • Stand at the shores of a chain of six turquoise, glacial-fed lakes
  • Hike along Ngozumpa Glacier, the largest glacier in the Himalaya
  • Avoid the Everest crowds, but enjoy the selection of great views
  • Climb Gokyo Ri (5,357 m) for spectacular views of Everest, Lhotse, and Cho Oyu
  • Trek through the Sherpa town of Khumjung, home of a ‘real’ yeti skull
  • From ‘Scoundrel’s viewpoint’ near the fifth lake, peer over the vast Ngozumpa Glacier a wasteland of rock and ice
Khumjung Everest Base Camp trek September 2015
Walking into Khumjung

In fact the view from Gokyo Ri is meant to be better than the view from Kala Pattar on the Base Camp trek. Also, weather permitting, we will be crossing over Cho La Pass. We haven’t climbed a pass before. This will be a long hard day. Easily the hardest.  But we will only go if the weather is good otherwise it can be treacherous. We have a day and a buffer day at Gokyo to help with this. We have been told that the walk to Fifth Lake is well worth while.

And in true Nervous Nelly style I am anxious about it. Again. This time I am anxious about the pass. However, the Trainer is talking me up. Cho La Lou he is calling me. Cho La Lou, Queen of the High Passes. Sort of has a nice ring to it doesn’t it ?

Everest Base Camp trek

Do you have any experience of or advice about Cho La Pass and Gokyo ?

49 thoughts on “We’re Off for to Gokyo for Trek Number 3 in Nepal

  1. I’m so excited to hear how it goes! I hope you have time for a post after you return & before I leave for my own EBC/Gokyo trek (16 Oct) Godspeed.


  2. Great to see a post from you Louise, and with such exciting news! I’m sure you’ve wrote about this but I’m curious about where you’ll acclimatize and for how long. When we were in Bolivia in April, I was in a haze at 4000 m and I wasn’t even exerting myself! Safe travels and enjoy!


  3. I have no advice to offer but like your other lovely readers am in awe and excited and impressed! Have a wonderful, safe climb.


  4. Hi Meg, I am so glad you are still going, Are you doing the three passes? How has your training been going? We arrive back on the 12 Oct – we could have a had a coffee in Kathmandu!. I would love to hear about your trek after you get back and if you are interested feature it on the blog. I need to find our email trail… Godspeed to you and your Dad too. Louise


  5. Hi Caroline, Thanks, yes I am excited and nervous at the same time. Interesting you say that about Bolivia. I think a lot of people have problems in South America because they are going by bus or car and going up too fast. I think the general rule is to acclimatise every 1000 meters for an extra day/night. We are very careful not to ascend more than 300 metres a day, too. A lot of the treks seem to really stretch this and that is why so many people experience headaches and nausea. They go up too quickly. I will type our itinerary and hopefully post that before we leave,

    I have seen a few of your posts up especially the ones in Argentina have caught my eye. I will get to read them and comment. Working five days a week since April and training has been exhausting so the blog and blogging have taken a back seat for some time. Hope you are well. Where is your next adventure to? Louise

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Lucky Lou of the High pass. A little anxiety, a lot of anticipation and excitement too- how wonderful that you are returning to such a beautiful place Louise. I would love to go back one day, but shall relive it all through your future posts.


  7. Hi Francesca, Ha ha, yes lucky me too. Yes we shouldn’t take that for granted to be fortunate enough to travel and immerse ourselves in such experiences. Seeing the hard working porters along the track remind me of that. I’m planning to take some foodies photos this time in Kathmandu. Thanks for the comment. Louise

    Liked by 1 person

  8. I think you’re right about going up too fast. We were both fine at 2800 m but when we slept at 3600 the next day it was very painful for Mike and I had a nagging headache. Don’t put pressure on yourself to write another post or respond to mine. You have been super busy and now you have this great trip just around the corner. I look forward to reading about your adventures when you get home and have time.

    We have a sea level adventure starting next week—4 weeks of cycling in Germany/France. We have no fixed route and will be carrying our own stuff. It will be a soft adventure where I anticipate much wine drinking and cake eating.


  9. We aren’t doing all 3 passes, just Gokyo as a happy compromise! I think and hope my training is going well. I’m training 5 days each week but I think I’ll start to taper off here soon, thoughts?I rotate excercise days so I stair climb/incline treadmill about 50 min at least twice a week, run 6-8k twice a week, and one day a week steep hill hike 8-12k. I am feeling pretty good. Starting to pack my bag so I can weigh everything & trying to keep calm! I cannot wait to hear about your trip. And any last minute advice.


  10. Your training sounds perfect. With incline are you doing between 1500 – 2000 vertical feet?. 8 -12 km hill trek is ample, You probably wont have many long km days. Yes I would cut back a bit to 4 days a week. or you be exhausted before you get there,

    Are you having two nights in Kathmandu before you fly to Lukla? Because that is good if you do.

    Yes weigh everything, Keep your weight down on toiletries by decanting stuff into small bottles.

    Are you doing a tour or going independently? I have forgotten. I would love your itinerary and love to hear about your trek when you get back.

    Once you get going you will be fine. Enjoy the flight to Lukla and sit on the left hand side of the plane.

    Take the diamox earlier rather than later, We took half a tablet a day for a couple of days ( I think we started at Namche or maybe Khumjung) and then one a day ( at Dingboche). it just helped with the horrible waking at night realising you have stopped breathing. Listen to what the guide or tour company recommend.

    And take in slowly. You will love it.


  11. You and Sam are a real inspiration for me to keep fit…best of luck Louise and may the paths be spectacular!


  12. Hi im currently in Nepal and just finished Annapurna Circuit. Lovely post! I can understand why you love this country so much, it’s the same for me


  13. I’m sorry I missed this post Louise but I knew you were going and I kept up with your journey via your pictures when I could. What a fabulous trip. I can see why you’re so in love with the place. xx


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