Simple Not Basic on the EBC Trail

A Post about Food on the EBC Trek Becomes More. Or Is it Less?

There is a difference between basic and simple. Especially when you are traveling.

Gorak Shep and Kala Patthar

Recently I posted about accommodation on the EBC trek being basic. A comment from a fellow blogger (thanks Miriam) made me rethink how I had labelled  the accommodation. It is the very fact the Everest Base Camp Trek is basic, makes it so good. Basic can be seen as a negative.  So simple, not basic, is a better word to use. Because it is the simplicity of the EBC trek that makes it so special.

The simplicity of the accommodation, the simple food, the every day simple routine. The early to bed, early to rise. Get up, get dressed, eat,  leave. Which way to go? Up or down. Maps to consult? No, not really, there is one path. Just like a pilgrimage, you know where you are going and why. The people you meet, the common quest, the simplicity of the destination but the challenge of getting there make it special. A quest so well rewarded.

No phone calls, television, emails and internet access is limited. All put into perspective in the big landscape or simple path you are on. Up or down.

And yes,  simple meals too. This simple meal below in  simple surroundings is one I remember well. A bowl of hot simple potato soup made with the broth and grated potatoes. A well earned bowl of soup after a hard steep walk out of Namche Bazaar and a 600 metre trek down hill to the river to Phunki Tenga.  Three hours plus of a hard work, it was a meal well earned.  A simple meal, simple surroundings the roar of the river, the sound of the yak bells as the yaks pass. Simple stunning beauty all around.

Potato soup at Phunki Tenga at 3250metres EBC Trek trail

So back to the food, yes the food is simple. But it is good. It is organically grown along the track and cooked in a simple kitchen.

Vegetables growing in the Khumbu
Food in a Namche Bazaar lodge

A meal in Namche Bazaar above.

Potato Soup Nepal

This bowl of potato soup was al fresco at Debouche on the trail down. In a stunning landscape. How much simpler and more beautiful can you get?

December 2013

The umbrellas above,  weren’t the norm. The Sherpa stew was.

Vegetables growing on the EBC Trail

Simple, but addictive. Everest Base Camp Trek too simple to say no.

Need more convincing?  25 Reasons to Trek To Everest Base Camp

Trekking to Everest Base Camp ? Are you up to it?

35 thoughts on “Simple Not Basic on the EBC Trail

  1. Louise, I love the way you put “basic” and “simple” into perspective, and I agree that there is definitely a difference. Simplicity is something that many of us are missing in our lives and it is wonderful to be able to experience it with travel adventures like the one you did to Everest Base Camp. The simple, organic meals sound great, and I suspect they are particularly satisfying after so much strenuous activity. Great Post! Caroline


  2. I love when other bloggers make a comment that causes us to pause and rethink our original thought. Your post is an outstanding reflection on ‘basic’ vs ‘simple’. Your examples illustrate these differences perfectly!

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  3. Being basic for me when I did Annapurna was the most liberating thing of all! I realized that there is so much I don’t need and that being outside in nature is better than anything.

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  4. Great post Louise! And you are right it’s simple but gratifying and humbling and liberating and so many other things. I like the fact that every day is easy with getting up, dressing and walking. I enjoyed the simplicity of it all when we walked in Nepal and on the Kokoda Track. It was freedom too. You bring back so many memories for me when you post so thank you. xx


  5. You really capture the pleasure of the simplicity and the “small things” in life that make this place in particular, special. I really like the last photo of coming along the trail and of the joy of eating the potato soup. Freshly grown organic food, grown with love and care, reflected in the meal, how perfect! Looks like those plants might be pennywort?



  6. Great post and photos!
    I’m always amazed on treks how simple but delicious the food is especially when it’s cooked under such basic circumstances and typically by guides. I think it’s also because everything tastes wonderful after a hard day’s trek! 😉

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  7. I think it’s also because everything tastes wonderful after a hard day’s trek! You really capture the pleasure of the simplicity and the “small things” in life that make this place in particular, special.


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  9. 10, 9, 8 …. I think it’s also because everything tastes wonderful after a hard day’s trek!


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