The Trainer and Me

And Why I Blog

The Blogger and the Trainer

Always the Watchful Eye in the Background

Hello I’m Louise

In 2013 the Trainer and I trekked the Main Everest Base Camp Trail. I really didn’t want to go to Everest Base Camp. It was the Trainer’s idea not mine. I was worried about an endless list of things – getting robbed, murdered, lost, breaking an ankle, the trek being too difficult, getting sick, getting altitude sickness, freezing, oh and being tipped off a mountain by a yak. But I didn’t want to be left behind to worry about the Trainer either. Given I met him on a felucca on the Nile and later he dragged me across the Sahara when all I wanted was to relax on a Thai beach well, after 30 years I should expect these things.

The optimistic Trainer had been to the Annapurna area years ago and saw no problems with trekking to EBC. But I wanted to hear another viewpoint and be told I would be ok by them. Talking to a few people helped. Youtubes helped get a sense of the trail experience. But I really wanted to hear from a woman like myself – in her fifties and not a veteran trekker, who had been there. I searched for a blog but at the time I couldn’t find any.

The time came to decide to go or not. I didn’t want the Trainer to go by himself.We flew out in late November 2013 and we nearly made it to Everest Base Camp. Could have and should have. But didn’t. We were disappointed and  it felt like unfinished business and I was hooked.

We returned to Australia and I wanted to tell everyone how special the trail to EBC is and how alive and incredibly fit I felt from the experience. I was the fittest I had been. Ever. I wanted to tell everyone a not particularly fit middle aged woman, with training, could trek to Everest Base Camp and love the experience. We planned to try again and this time get there. I decided to share my training journey and the Main Everest Base Camp trail from an older woman’s perspective in a blog.

We trained and trained,  me and the tireless Trainer.  We bought our flights to Kathmandu early 2015. Two weeks later Nepal was hit by a 7.8 magnitude earthquake. That changed everything. The following months the Trainer researched, trained and was optimistic. Me, well I trained and of course, worried. Finally we agreed to believe the reports the EBC Trail was ready, it was business as usual and we flew to Kathmandu in late September. And on 2nd October 2015 the Trainer and I, with our porter made it to Everest Base Camp.

But this wasn’t the only reason I wanted my message out there….

I discovered that the important thing was, it wasn’t just about getting to Base Camp it was about the whole journey. The training journey was big lifestyle change for me. It was a fitness first. 2013 was also the year I touched my toes for the first time. Ever.

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  4. Louise, thank you for following my blog and I feel I need to do the same. You see, my husband sounds a lot like yours and I too end up doing things way out of my comfort zone. It will be good to read about the things that you’re doing and to know that I’m not the only one ‘following’ an adventurous man – questioning my sanity. I look forward to more reading.

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