Packing Light for EBC

You Ain’t Got No Thing if You Ain’t Got No String

Our packs were very light for our 2013 Everest Base Camp Independent trek. My pack was 5.5 kilos and the trainer’s was 6 kilos. For the 2015 Everest Base Camp Independent  trek the porter carried 15 kilos which was our combined gear plus we both carried day packs weighing 2 or 3 kilos.

My Packing List

For Arrival

Passport and visa – Visa on entry if you don’t mind standing in a queue
Passport photos – for the Visa and for your TIMS card
Nepalese rupees – including some small notes for arrival are helpful

Clothes for Kathmandu

Lighter clothes including sandals for Kathmandu – the weather was warmer, check weather for when you are there. On our first trip we traveled down to Chitwan as well as the Khumbu area,so we needed light clothes for the subtropical area.

Trekking Equipment

Back pack
Day packs
Padlocks for suitcase and backpack
Waterproof stuff packs – we had two each
Trekking poles
Down sleeping bag
Silk sleeping bag liner – didn’t take on second trek

Trekking Gear

Boots and extra laces – purchased and broken in
Socks, wool
Plastic clogs (or thongs) – for showering and using shared toilets at night
Warm jacket with a hood
Waterproof jacket with a hood – for the wind
Pants, long trekking 2 pairs
Long sleeve tee-shirts, merino wool, 2
Long sleeve polo neck tee-shirt,merino wool
Long leggings, merino wool, 2
Fleecy zip up wind-cheater – purchased in Namche Bazaar
Tee-shirts, one merino wool and one polyester running type
Underwear – 2 sport bras and 5 pairs of wool knickers
Handkerchiefs – just a few

Finding Your Way

A Guide or Porter/Guide
Map – purchased in Kathmandu
Guide Book – purchased in Kathmandu
Torches, small 2 (one each)- for night toilet trips and night time in room
Small batteries, 2 dozen for the torches

Recording the Journey

Camera and charger – Canon G16
Two prong adapter
Notebook, very light and pens
Mobile phone for camera and charger

Keeping in Contact

Mobile phone for Facebook
Mobile phone purchased in Kathmandu with a Nepalese SIM card for calls home and to Kathmandu and on the Khumbu area

First Aid Kit

Water purification tablets
Band aids and bandages
Medicine (personal)
Medicine – broad spectrum antibiotics, something for dysentery
Travelan – I am a big fan of this
General pain killers
Something for stomach aches
Something for diarrhea
All of the above where packed in zip lock containers. tablets were removed from packaging and only one side of the card box taken with the instructions.

Keep Sun Safe and Hydrated

Lip balm – buy your favourite from home
Hat – which the trainer hates but it squashes down to nothing
Water purification tablets
Prescription glasses
2 Water bottles, plastic and an empty Fanta bottle (The Trainer’s need you ask)


Shampoo, soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, comb
Sports towel
Baby wipes
Hand sanitizer, small bottle
Toilet paper and tissues
A double layer gauze to wipe off excess water. Dries quickly.

Keeping Warm

Beanie type wool hat
Headband, fleece
Neck-warmer, fleece
Gloves, 3, leather, woollen and cotton
Buffs, 2 – purchased in Namche Bazaar
Thai Silk scarf, long came on the first trek but was forgotten on the second

Fix it Kit

Ziplock bags
Super glue (to fix boots etc)
Rubber bands
Sticky tape
Plumbers tape – small amount not the whole roll
String – the quote at the top is from The Trainer
Swiss Army knife to cut the string
Sewing kit – make up one of your own is better
Plastic bags – always good to take


Museli bars and a few chocolate bars

You are wondering about that wig and the tie aren’t you ? They most definitely weren’t on MY packing list. They were stowaways.

Plastic clogs (you could take thongs) – for showering, shared toilets etc – I used my plastic clogs in the evening in the lodge. They easily accommodated thick socks and it is lovely taking off your boots at the end of a day.

What we didn’t take

Hair dryer – most rooms don’t have power points
MP3 player – too dangerous on the trail and just another to charge
An extra pair of walking shoes – on some trekking lists. I used my green clogs when we arrived at our lodge
A novel to read – too exhausted to read
Lineament – we thought we wouldn’t need it because we had trained well and we had
Cream for rashes – definitely

What is on the list for next time – in 2018

 A mirror – or an app on my phone but a mirror is easier

Things We Did Before We Left to Prepare

Made a packing list well in advance
Weighed everything and cut off excess weight where we could
Checked that our pack fit in our suitcase. We took the packs in the suitcase and left in Kathmandu with the clothes we had used there.

12837292_731630623640016_413254010_o (1)

The wig and tie were stowaways.The plastic clogs were light and useful for the showers and around the lodges at night with socks.

5 thoughts on “Packing Light for EBC

    • HI Pepe, Yes you are right. But I packed the gloves and the Trainer (my husband) packed the tablets. Different packing styles. But I won’t be taking leather gloves again and I bought the cotton gloves on the trek because they hand grips. Thanks for the comment and visiting. Louise


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