The Year I Touched My Toes

Finding Fitness On My Journey to EBC

Even as a girl I could never touch my toes. It was something I thought I would never do. No one had told me if I exercised to stretch my hamstrings I probably could. Until I joined a gym for the first time as a fifty something year old. Joining a gym was something I thought I would never do either. Fitness, sustained regular exercise and organised sport were never on my radar.

So I practised for months and on Mother’s Day 2013 I touched my toes for the first time. You know when you give yourself a mother’s day present? Well it was the best present I have ever given myself. All those years I thought I could never touch my toes. For me it was a significant milestone in an eighteen month period when I experienced lots of firsts. I started jogging. I had never jogged before. I took part in three organised Sri Chinmoy 5 kilometre runs. I even have a personal best; yes me, with a personal best.

In 2013 I trekked with husband to 4020 metres, two thirds of the way to Everest Base Camp. During the training sessions before we left, the Trainer kept saying, “Remember, it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey.”

He was right. It was about the whole journey, not only the trek towards Everest Base Camp. I also discovered fitness for the first time as a fifty something year old woman. I want to share my journey towards Everest Base Camp, how fantastic it was, how fit I felt and my continued efforts to make fitness a part of my life.

October 2017 Update

  1. Getting back into a training routine, slowly building up the intensity. Very slowly.
  2. Researching our next adventure. Surprise! A trek to Nepal is the current hot favourite.
  3. We made it to Everest Base Camp in October 2015. Below are some posts that tells you about the best bits.

The Million Dollar View from Kala Pattar – really the highlight of the Main Everest Base Camp Trek Trail. It is one of my few long posts, I usually keep them short.
Slip Sliding Away at Base Camp
At Everest Base Camp – a short post where you learn about the wig.

6 thoughts on “The Year I Touched My Toes

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  2. Psssttt _ I am currently out of practice with touching mine … ahem… I need to get back on track with my fitness. the Trainer AKA my husband is back from a stint as a FIFO husband so we are getting back on track. But I was very excited about finally being able to do it. Louise

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  4. It’s never too late! I’m in my early forties, and after nearly a decade of not doing much, I’m finally getting back to yoga and it makes such a difference on your overall mood and attitude.

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