The Everest Base Camp Marathon

Everest Base Marathon winner 2013

There are two in fact. The official Everest Base Camp Marathon is the Tenzing – Hillary Everest Marathon held annually on 29 May the date of their Everest summit. The biannual one held in November is run by a UK charity organisation and raises money from the event for community projects in Nepal. Both marathons finish in Namche Bazaar.

The 2013 biannual marathon was run on our acclimatisation day in Namche Bazaar. There’s the Trainer and my husband who isn’t a trainer but, he does run, very excited to see the runners come in at the finish.

Everest Marathon Finish line


He told me he wanted to do the next one in two years. Over my dead body.

Due to the earthquakes the 2015 Tenzing Hilary Marathon was rescheduled to 5 October. So for our second attempt to trek to Base Camp the Trainer was very excited the runners’ acclimatisation day in Dingboche coincided with ours and we would trek back to Namche Bazaar the day of the marathon, so we would see them on the track.

The Trainer got to meet and chat with some of the runners in Dingboche. One runner his age was running his first ever marathon. From Base Camp. Just what I needed more fodder for ideas in the Trainer’s head. When we walked back from Base Camp we bumped into the runners again. They were checking out the path the officials were marking up. The path into base camp is not clear and quite tricky. Just getting in and out of there is a feat in itself. There were hardly any trekkers on the trail during the season and their tents were the only ones at Base Camp.The black stuff is actually ice.

Tents of the 2015 Ultra Marathon Runners at Everest Base Camp

The day of the Marathon we woke in Pangboche. Our lodge was a checkpoint for water and medical supplies.Two doctors from Kathmandu had stayed the night in the lodge and were ready to check if everyone was ok.

We first saw the runners in Tengboche (Thyanboche). A few people stood around watching the runners come through.

Water and check in post for the Everest Base Camp Marathon

This grassy bit of the track might look easy but imagine running the sections below…


This down hill section after Tengboche was very slippery. This guy number 43 came ninth.

Coming down from Tengboche EBC Trek

That’s me coming down very slowly with walking sticks or trekking poles. Basanta is following behind me. But don’t think it’s all down hill because it’s not.

EBC Marathon 2015

EBC Marathon 2015

Everest Base Camp Marathon 2015

Devon Miles Skidmore Number 11 Everest Base Camp Marathon 2015

Number 11 Devon Miles Skidmore from the USA came 25th in the field and was the 5th foreigner. Naturally the Nepalis came in first places. We stopped to give way and clap as the runners passed us, cheering them on. Here are the race results.

It was a glorious day. We met these two women at our lodge in the evening. They ran the 21K half marathon from Dingboche and held hands the whole way. Their time was 4 hours 28 minutes and 32 and 33 seconds. That’s Ama Dablam is in the background.

2015 Everest Base Camp Half Marathon runners

Below is the finish line and the view from the top of Namche Bazaar.

2015 Tenzing Hilary Marathon

Coming into Namche Bazaar from the top

We didn’t run the marathon . I had done my Marathon – getting safely to Base Camp and the highlight climbing Kala Pattar and back. The training had been part of the wonderful journey and the Trainer did well getting me fit and well prepared for the trek. As part of my training I did three 5K runs and I had never run before in my life.

My Second Sri Chimnoy 5K run

At Everest Base Camp

At Gorak Shep with Kala Patthar and Pumori behind

That’s me arriving at Gorak Shep the last of the lodges before EBC. The brown hill is the famous Kala Pattar and behind is Pumori. Later that afternoon we climbed 5545 metres to the top of Kala Pattar.That’s me, the Trainer and the Porter with Everest at our heads and Everest Base Camp at our feet.


Bhim Gurung (Nepal) came first in the 2015 at 4hrs 1 min and 54secs. Robert Celinski (Poland) was fifth,the first foreigner in the field at 4hrs 34min and 28 secs

This email was in response to Ben Huberman’s Daily Post and the prompt Marathon

Anyone like to share their “personal marathon” or “Everest” ?

22 thoughts on “The Everest Base Camp Marathon

  1. Oh my goodness!! How mad must you be to run a marathon up there?? You did really well to do the trek but I’m with you – running a marathon up there, over my dead body!! Great post Louise, I wasn’t even aware of such events and now that I am, I’m not keen to do it.


  2. OMG, I can barely imagine walking up a set of stairs at that altitude, let alone running a marathon. I agree Louise that a trek to basecamp is enough of a marathon and wonderful accomplishment. The scenery is absolutely stunning. Great photo of the two ladies that did the half…they shouldn’t look that good after such a gruelling feat.


  3. Amazing story and wonderful photographs, Louise! Ama Dablam, Pumori, Everest….one day I want to see these amazing mountains! Add Nanga Parbat from Fairy Meadows. My mountain bucket list 😉! Have a great weekend! Marcus


  4. Totally boggles my mind how anyone could run a marathon at that altitude. You did well to complete the trek Louise, I’m not even sure I’d be fit enough to do that. Great post and awesome photos. xo


  5. I just finished reading through your back posts — what a thoroughly interesting read! I first stumbled upon your blog (via Deb’s World) not knowing what the core content was about. When I began reading, I thought that ‘the universe’ was sending me a message. My husband has always had Nepal and Everest in the back of his mind…and he just mentioned them more seriously to me yesterday!


  6. Oh Donna, you must go. I will write a post with you in mind. I have been thinking about a post the last few days. I have had a big break due to work, Christmas, Summer holidays and playing catch up with the house. So stayed tuned….


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