Training 2015

Featured image shows why you need to train

January training was really about general fitness. Away in Adelaide for two weeks so the it involved a few beach walks, a walk to Mount Lofty from Waterfall Gully and some walk/runs to my local hometown park. The second half of January was unseasonably cool so we able to have quite a few walk to our local park.

February training was a mixture of outside and inside training. Hot days usually on the treadmill with the air conditioner on, a few walks to our local park and the bike came out for the first time in a while.

March and April training themes were step incline training on the treadmill, a few sessions out on the hills and some beautiful bike rides and long walks exploring new parts of our of the Main Yarra Trail over my school holiday break. We normally train in our trekking gear and especially the boots. My trekking poles were dusted off and taken out for a hill walk.

May and June training – incline, incline, incline. Up hills of river trails local to home, incline on the treadmill and the stair climbing. The stair climbing is really great practice for the Everest Base Camp trek training but it is so boring. A mp3 player of some strategies to keep going are needed. The stairs have been a great option for training during winter to vary from using the treadmill.

July and August

July – Stairs once week at our local stair place starting at 45 minutes and building up to one hour, treadmill walks on inclines ( one 15 step incline) varying between half an hour and 45 minutes on inclines. Week four started some weights in the back pack (2.3kg) training

Only two outside track walks one focusing on hills and one on distance 9km walk.

August -Stairs three weeks out of four, treadmill, 9km walk outside with trekking poles, 2 x 8 km hill and track walk, treadmill walks once or twice per week on inclines. Week 3…Bike to Petty’s Orchard, fell off bike for something completely different. Week 4… Walk at beach, Cape Patterson Walk hills, 9 km., small pack and a 11.4 km walk

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