Day Fourteen Pangboche to Namche Bazaar 2015 Trek

One Trek and One Marathon

The trainer was very excited about finally seeing the marathon runners who had started early that morning from Everest Base Camp running past, all of us on our way to Namche Bazaar. The event was originally in May but was rescheduled to the beginning of October after the earthquakes.

We left our lodge at Pangboche as doctors prepared the medical check point and lodge staff the water bottles.

View of Tengboche in the Middle Distance


The Temple Gate in Tengboche (Thyanboche)


A half marathon runner who started at Dingboche at the Tengboche check point


The following photos show the track. The steep uphill climb (600m) had nearly killed me on our 2013 trek.  Coming back down isn’t easy either.  It can impact on your knees which is why I chose to use trekking poles. The steep track with lots of small loose rocks can be slippery so the only way to go is slowly.


That’s me picking my way down with the trekking poles.


Runners taking their time


The trail from a distance… crazy


Sanasa with women selling jewellery


The Finishing Point at Namche Bazaar


Namche Bazaar from Above


The view of Namche Bazaar from above. I had my sights set on the red roofed lodge in the middle, right …. which for me meant our favourite lodge, our own bathroom and a hot shower at last.


Cafe Danphe Bar named after the National Bird of Nepal


We had a drink at Café Danphe Bar to celebrate our successful, wonderful trek to Everest Base Camp. Huddled together in the bar we looked at all the photos Sam had taken.  For the best of an hour I sat with tears streaming down my face, hardly able to believe the photos of the magical places we had just been.


10 thoughts on “Day Fourteen Pangboche to Namche Bazaar 2015 Trek

  1. No never hiked. And never really backpacked. But have gone across the Sahara and a few other exotic destinations in the 80s but never hiked. The 2013 trek was our first attempt. But no camping and no big packs.
    It was my husband’s dream to take our daughters to Nepal trekking.. I wasn’t in his plan at all but I didn’t want to be left behind and then they pulled out ! If you read the post called Everest Above our heads and Base Camp at our Feet it talks a bit about that at the end. Warning it is long post, I generally try to keep them to 300 words but it is 2,000. But it is a post that I am proud of as a piece of writing. And my home page should fill you in. I have another general post in draft which I will post soon.

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