Day Eight Acclimatisation in Dingboche

Climbing Dingboche Ridgetop

Hard and slippery acclimatisation day climb

Spectacular View from Dingboche Ridgetop

Imja Chola River from above Dingboche

On Dingboche Ridge Top at 4,700metres

You realise how small you are. That’s me in the red

This day was quite a tough walk above Dingboche to what is called the Dingboche Ridge Top, not that we climbed to the top. The views were magnificent and we had time to sit and enjoy them.

Read about the walk into Dingboche from Shomare and a bit about the village. Or watch the video (albeit in portrait format) from the ridge top.

The other Acclimatisation Day was in Namche Bazaar.

12 thoughts on “Day Eight Acclimatisation in Dingboche

    • Hi Loria, Yes the acclimatisation walk up the ridgetop was a bit tough but so worth it because of the views.I loved the place and had the best shower there! We met a young woman on the trek who said the same. Dingboche almost did her in. She was in a group and kept on and reached base camp and Kala Patthar. I wonder if she had been by herself or with just one other whether she might have turned back. Hard to know. We picked our two times fairly well and had virtually no rain, just a bit of very fine rain after Phakding. What month did you go? We were taking diamox and we had ascended strictly by the rules. Thank you for visiting and the comment. Can I ask how you found my blog? I read your Nepal posts and look forward to reading the story. Louise

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      • Hi Louise, I think I’d have turned around without my group there to support me. I’d lagged behind but when I met up with them about 10 minutes later, they gave me such a warm welcome, I cried. It had a very tough hike for me. 100% worth it.

        I found your blog by doing a simple search for “Everest Base Camp.” 🙂 I’m glad I found it. I look forward to reading more!


        • Thank you Loria. Yes I am not surprised to hear about your tears. The trek is such an amazing experience I shed a few. Yes 100% worth it. You are the first blogger that has made a comment that has actually been there.So that is really nice. I know I am getting picked up in Google searches and I can tell when someone is checking out lots of posts I get spikes and assume they are researching for a future trek.However I get little engagement from them. So it’s nice to have you visit and comment. Looking forward to reading more of your trek experience and checking out some of your other posts. Louise


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