10 thoughts on “Earth, Dingboche Ridge-top, Nepal

  1. What a wonderful way to remember Earth Day! Your photos and obvious love of Nepal are so amazing. I wish I could have you guys over for dinner and you could tell us all about your travels/trekking there. I would LOVE to go there, but Mike is nervous about altitude, fitness level….
    Keep the photos coming Louise!


    • Thanks for your kind words. Dinner sounds good. I know Mike is nervous about height maybe more than altitude but you could take a lower altitude option. and regarding the training – if I can do it anyone can, trust me on that but training is needed to do it without any pain and drama involved. Also i think some of the climbs you have done the path and the drops look scarier than most of the Nepalese trail.
      Your reflections post inspired me to get working on a new Home pages which I have been thinking about for months possibly a year. So thanks for the inspiration. Still plenty more photos and a video when I can get that together. And one day a map. If you have any links you could send with a how to best start with putting together a google map with a route mapped out, fling it this way.


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