Todd Samson and How Not to Trek in the Himalayas

Todd Samson’s Salute to Sherpas and Climbing Lobuche


What Todd Samson has been getting up to lately is far from tame. Todd Samson is an Australian Canadian television celebrity is currently in a show called Body Hack.

Each episode looks at a different group of people who are involved in extreme activity and how the body copes with it. Taking it one step further Todd Samson walks in their shoes for some time. The Nepalese episode looked at the life of the Sherpa people who work as porters along the Everest Base Camp Trail.

Todd attempted to carry a 30 kilo pack along the trail. To me it looked more. Safe to say he didn’t get very far with it, we didn’t see him carrying it in all the footage.The team – the Sherpas, Todd and the television crew for some reason were in a hurry to get to Lobuche East Base Camp to summit the mountain. So they ascended 600 metres each day to get to the point to summit Lobuche East, which  I assume is called Lobuche East Base Camp. Six hundred  metres a day! Six zero zero.

The Rules

Increasing your altitude more than 300 metres a day is not recommended so increasing altitude  600 metres is nothing short of crazy. As he kept saying on the program. Don’t try this at home. Don’t try this in Nepal either. That someone didn’t die is amazing. They also summit-ed Lobuche East.

Anyway the man is a mad. A self confessed adrenaline junkie. Imagine living with him?!

Below the map shows Everest and Lobuche East peak that Todd Samson climbed after he way too quickly to the Lobuche East Base Camp.

Incidentally if anyone is wondering what we are doing next? There are two versions. Mine and the Trainer’s. He wants to climb a mountain. Island Peak to be precise. I have told him where he can put that idea.


13 thoughts on “Todd Samson and How Not to Trek in the Himalayas

  1. I watched this episode of body hack and was astounded with what Todd did in such a short time; crazy man! Island Peak; I haven’t heard of this trek. Perhaps you should do it and then tells us how it compares to EBC trek. Just a thought!


  2. What an amazingly mad person he is, but it makes good TV!! I really don’t know what it would be like living with him/ I do like him though and admire his tenacity. Your posts show yo have some sort of this same madness I believe!!


  3. Yes this guy is crazy but.. what a dude!! 600m?!!!! Bonkers!! This is stuff most of us couldn’t even dare to do. Amazing!


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