Fashion on the Track

Some Accessories I took to Everest Base Camp


Here I am walking through Pheriche looking like the Michelin Man. Complete with the hat and given today is the Melbourne Cup (horse race) I decided on a twist the Fashion on the Track theme. Tongue in cheek of course. However I am wearing some accessories you shouldn’t leave home for Everest Base Camp without.

The Buff

The buff is the red and pink around my nose and mouth. It is a tube of stretchy fabric.

A veteran trekker told me a buff was useful because the trail can be dusty. It wasn’t dusty in September/October last year but it was in November/December 2013 after the track had dried out and there was more traffic on the track too. Given the dust entering your nostrils could be dried out donkey and yak dung it’s a good idea. In fact we met an Australian on our flight out of Lukla in 2018 who told us his wife had become really sick on the trek, had an emergency flight back to Kathmandu but took some months to recover back in Australia from the cough. He attributed to the dust on trek. So a buff is really important. 

Most of the porters wear a buff or some sort of scarf around their nose and mouth. It helps with the dreaded Khumbu Cough.

I saw buffs in Melbourne priced at $30. We bought ours in Namche Bazaar after seeing the need because of the dust. I bought some more in Kathmandu for 60 cents.They are always at hand around your neck and not bulky like a scarf. Get one, or two they are great.

The Hat and Sunglasses

Our Porter on the Everest Base Camp Trek

I took prescription sunglasses.You need a hat. Mine was the butt of many jokes between the Trainer and the Porter but that squash-able packable hat served me well. That’s Basanta our porter guide wearing it in the photo.

The Trekking Poles

Don’t leave home without these. Mine are quite heavy but it hasn’t bothered me. I trained constantly with my trekking poles up and down hills around home before we left for each of treks. I realised the muscles I was using. Ooww. Some people trek with one pole but I was used to two from the start. Using poles may seem like an affectation to some but they do help especially  down hill. They save your knees by cushioning the impact. I won’t trek without them.

The Fleece Headband

Underneath the hat is a fleece headband to keep my ears warm. It might look silly but it was early in the morning I wanted warmth and sun protection.

There are lots of poles for sale along the trail between Lukla and Namche.

The Jacket

My jacket is not down filled but filled with some poly fibre. It worked fine for me.

The Story of the Photo

It was Day Thirteen , we headed out from Lobuche through Periche and Shomare to Pangboche. The trail is more or less flat through Periche so I’m not using my poles. Periche is where you can hear the acclimatisation talk at the medical post run by the Himalayan Rescue Organisation .Walking through there were piles of stone from the earthquake damage. We stopped to use a toilet in one of the lodges so I bought a cup of tea and enjoyed it in the sun.

Earth quake damage in Periche
Tea in the sun at Periche

15 thoughts on “Fashion on the Track

  1. What a great twist on the Melbourne Cup fashion field. I know which track I’d prefer to be on, and it sure ain’t the one in Flemington! Great post Marge.😊


  2. It’s funny how fashion becomes the least of your concerns when dealing with the elements. Recently, when we were on safari, I wore my pj pants under my capri jeans for added warmth on the drive. Fashionista I was not!


  3. I love your hat! And swear by poles. I didn’t use them until I’d been diagnosed with arthritis (Too late! Too late!) I was told by the people at the arthritis clinic that poles burn up 40% more calories and decrease the load on your joints by 50%! As I read your post I get the feeling of what an amazing accomplishment this trek was for you, how incredible it must have felt to have achieved it.


  4. Hi Alison. Actually if my memory serves me correctly I think I spied made of the same material in one of your photos? The hat that is. I will have to put those stats in my post! it did feel incredible. I never pictured myself doing something like it. Thank you for your support Alison. Louise

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