Two Earthquakes and Two Films

Trouble for the 2016 -17 Seasons? Visit Nepal and Help Rebuild

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Will there be another slow season of empty lodges ?

On April 25 a 7.8-magnitude quake devastated parts of Kathmandu and rural Nepal. Two weeks later on May 12 a second 7.3-magnitude quake hit. It is the anniversary of the first quake this week.

In the last six months two films were released about climbing Everest. One Everest about the fateful climbing season in 1996 when rival trekking company leaders lost their lives climbing. More recently the documentary Sherpa-Trouble on Everest was released. The film covers the 2014 avalanche when 16 Sherpas were killed. In an interview with director Jenny Peedom, she said that the Khumbu Sherpa community were very pleased with the film. A key message is the risk Sherpas take in working on the mountain to enable tourists and climbers to summit the peak. Put simply without the Sherpas the tourism around the climbing season would not be possible. Another message is the exploitation of the Sherpas in terms of pay and conditions.

This film may have affected the Everest Base Camp Trekking  season. A work colleague of the Trainer, a keen Australian bush walker announced that he was planning a trip to walk the Inca trail. The Trainer suggested to him he should trek to Base Camp and his reaction to this was negative and he said no way. He had recently seen the Sherpa documentary and he didn’t want to be part of such an exploitative adventure. I think there may others who are turned off because of the film.

Trekking to Mount Everest Base Camp to climb Everest is one thing. Trekking to Base Camp to trek to that point is quite another. The trail does not have the same commercial  pressure. People pay a lot of money to climb Everest. There is a huge pressure on the climbing companies to deliver. This pressure does not exist trekking on the trail to Base Camp.

Most of the people living along the trail would rely largely on the trekking tourism either directly or indirectly. The Khumbu region has had three quiet seasons. If you are planning to trek to Everest Base Camp or the Annapurna or any of the other areas please don’t change your mind because of a film. Nepal needs tourists. Be part of the rebuild.

everest base camp trailBuilding along the Everest Base Camp trail


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8 thoughts on “Two Earthquakes and Two Films

  1. Great post Louise, highlighting what’s happening over there. Can’t believe it’s already the first anniversary. And you’re right, Nepal needs tourists to move forward. If I had the money and the opportunity I’d be over there in a flash.


  2. I’ve been wanting to see the documentary Sherpa!You’re right, climbing the mountain is different from trekking the region.

    Btw, Nepal has been having earthquakes but not big enough to be news. The owner of the trekking company is my Facebook friend and he has been updating about the quakes. Also, he told me it’s been very very slow lately. I feel bad for them. Really more people should visit to help the economy.


  3. What company are you going with? I am really glad that you are going. I will have to look at the Earthquake site. Nepal does small tremors all the time. A lot of mountainous places do. Sherpa may give you a bed impression just be prepared for that. I was bit disappointed with the film. I hadn’t heard from for a while. How is your training going?


  4. I’m already aware of the disparities and it won’t change my mind about going to Everest region don’t worry!

    I’m going with Trekking Planner. The owner is really nice. I already have looked into them and also the people who used them. What I like is he becomes friends with his clients and he also helped out during the quake.

    I’ve been very busy. I was traveling too and just posted about it. Will start posting more later. I also got a chance to go hiking which is great. My training is a bit off lately but luckily I still have 7 months to go 😄

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