Farewell to the EBC Trek

Day 16 Phakding to Lukla Everest Base Camp Trek

Nepalese dog

The first photo for the day was of a dog sitting expectantly outside the kitchen of our lodge. The Trainer had taken it because “everyone loves a photo of a dog.” The dogs we saw on the trail appeared well cared for.

On the last day of both our trek it was with a feeling of sadness that we made our way back to Lukla. Lingering on the trail as we went. Standing aside for the last lot of the donkeys and yaks, crossing the last bridges which on the way up were the first scary bridges. Savouring the last of the views of green fields of vegetables, mani walls and stupas as we would back down through a string of villages.

Mani Walls coming into Ghat
Mani Walls coming into Ghat

We saw groups of trekkers fresh off the plane new to the trail and not sure quite what to expect. I pointed at the brand new boots of a young woman and I pointed to my boots all covered in white dust and told her that her boots would look like mine after Base Camp.

Resting spot for porters outside or Lukla

I smiled a woman we passed who pointed behind me indicating there was someone behind me. I think she thought he was trying to get past. I wanted to say yes, he has been behind me for 16 days, he’s my porter. Although he wasn’t always behind sometimes he was ahead and leading. But he was always there walking beside me in essence, keeping an eye on where I was stepping. Only a short time before he had pulled me out of the way from a donkey, because I turned around and wasn’t paying attention.

Loaded donkeys on the Everest Base Camp trek

In the end, despite not wanting the trek to end we were glad to get to Lukla’s entrance gate. The last of the hills seemed endless. And we had just walked 130 kilometres.

Quiet afternoon in Lukla's main street

We walked through the streets of Lukla which we very quiet. Lukla would normally be a bit of a party town with people celebrating the end of their treks. It is always a place people stay at the end of the trek not at the beginning.

At the lodge we were happy to have a shower, do some washing and explore the town a bit more. Basanta came back later in the afternoon. We had a few beers together and said thank you and goodbye. He was going to have three days’ rest and then going to back on the trail again with a group.

porter guide and trekker in nepal
Celebrating at the end of the trek with a beer at the Paradise Lodge in Lukla

After dinner and a chat with the woman who owns the lodge we were ready for an early night. We had the first flight out in the morning.

13 thoughts on “Farewell to the EBC Trek

  1. I am stunned that there is a Starbucks in Lukla Louise! What a shock!!! Can’t wait to read more. So 16 days! Did you ever get a shower? We had cold ones a few times along the Annapurna.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Hahaha!! I will surely send some cheers your way once I visit the (fake) Starbucks coffee. I might just go to the Irish pub and have the Everest beer on my last day.

    I can feel the loneliness especially after a wonderful trip! You definitely helped me with the things you posted about the trek. Thanks Louise!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. I had five showers but a few were very close together.They were hot sometimes too hot. It was the gap between two showers that caused a problem. There’s a post there too.
    Re Starbucks i not sure if it a full franchise one. have to ask the expert….

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  4. Yes a photo in Starbucks is compulsory – I wonder if they sell mugs ha ha. I am really pleased that my blog has helped. I am working on more posts that hopefully help too so stay tuned. Hope your training is going well.


  5. Yeah it is not the real deal according to all the blogs I read. Definitely looks like the real Starbucks from the outside but according to many not nearly the same.

    Liked by 2 people

  6. All wanting to be like the West. In a way it is sad. Ethiopia wow, I will have to check out any posts you have.My husband is keen to go there. I have a colleague who is living there for two years and another colleague who just visited. They loved and love it.

    Liked by 2 people

  7. I loved Ethiopia! I went on a reporting project there for two weeks on newborn and maternal health but also managed to get some sightseeing in as well. It is a beautiful country!

    Liked by 1 person

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