Climb Every Mountain and Don’t Forget Everest

Cloud in the Khumbu 2015 EBC Trek

My Open Door Singers Sign

My choir sang Climb Every Mountain to me last night to wish me luck. It was magic.
Thank you Open Door Community Singers. Thank you Shaun Islip.

Above Dingboche Ridgetop

Acclimatisation Walk Above Dingboche Ridgetop over 4000 metres

Above Dinbboche Ridgetop

EBC Trek in front of Pumori

Resting in front of Pumori not at Everest yet!

Standing on top of Kala Patthar

At 5643 metres on Top of Kala Patthar and pointing at Everest – we made It !

Below is from a shot post in January 2016.

A great way to start the week, singing with a choir, in this case a very big choir. Our version of The Prayer is taking time to perfect but starting to sound good. The interesting thing about singing with the choir is, my training seems to help my singing and my singing helps my breathing when I train. Mutually beneficial one might say.

I love my choir… Open Door Community Singers

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