To Walk To Hike To Trek

Above Pangboche Everest Base Camp trekClimb Every Mountain

In ate September 2015, my husband aka The Trainer and I flew from Melbourne into Kathmandu to trek to Everest Base Camp. We nearly cancelled the trip because of the earthquakes but had trained so much, we agreed to go. Two years earlier we had gone even though I didn’t  really want to go. We trained hard for the trek, we walked, biked, stepped, climbed, stretched and hiked for six months and, in fact over trained, but we didn’t make it. There is a story there, because we should have and could have made to Everest Base Camp.

In September 2015 we were well and truly prepared to try again.  We had trained for six months  – general fitness then building up to more intense training in the last three months, treadmill, walks, bike rides, stretching, stair training and I guess you could say hiking. I looked up a few definitions of hike.

hike    walk for a long distance, especially across country.
“they hiked across the moors”   synonyms: walk, go on foot, trek, tramp, trudge, traipse, slog, footslog, plod, march

We hiked, I trudged and tramped all over the river area near where we live and all over the hills in our neighbourhood with our trekking gear, boots, packs and my trekking poles. The Trainer refused to use trekking poles.


This was much to the puzzlement of commuters passing by and to the amusement of hospital patients in their beds looking out the hospital windows onto one of our practicing hills. No sooner did I arrive at the top of the hill than the Trainer pointed back down to the bottom, striding off leaving me resting at the top. I would get to the bottom and he strode back up telling me how many more times he wanted me to go up and down. Each training session he would add a little more water to the bottles in my back pack  slowly increasing the weight. Which brings me to the second definition which resonates with me:

hike – to walk or march a great distance, especially through rural  areas, for pleasure, exercise, military training, or the like.
 Military training! Yes. And most the time it wasn’t pleasurable. I would come home from work  and have a backpack thrown at me and was told to get changed. Rain or shine, out we went. By the time we left for Kathmandu we were training five days a week including week nights. By the last week I was exhausted and near tears when he suggested a final training session.  That was in 2013. Last year I told him what I thought about his idea of training on the fourth or fifth day before we were to fly out.
So Hike I think I know all about it. But I have to say I had never really hiked  or trekked before. So you hike to train for the trek because it is very hard to train for trekking. You experience trekking because trekking supposes some huge challenge and a journey in the big sense of the word, which trekking to Everest Base Camp is. And it is so worth all the training, it is the best thing I have ever done.
EBC Trek Dingboche Ridgetop

At 4200 metres on the Dingboche Ridgetop

Above Pangboche Everest Base Camp trek

Above Pangboche Village

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21 thoughts on “To Walk To Hike To Trek

  1. Sixteen days, flying out back to Kathmandu on the seventeenth. two days either side of the 17 days in Kathmandu is a good idea. I will be posting fairly intensely over the next two weeks so keep an eye out for those. Also doing alot of work behind to check things, discovered hyprlinks not working on some posts etc. highly recommend it.

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  2. Gosh Louise, you are seriously one heck of an inspiring woman. What an intense grueling lead up to what was undoubtedly a trek of a lifetime. Hats off to you! Don’t know if I could do it.

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  3. Wow, that’s intense training!! I am so looking forward to reading your posts. My partner has been to Nepal and loved trekking there. He’d like to go back and although I’d love to go too, I’m not entirely sure how I’d get on with the trekking. I look forward to seeing what it was like from your point of view!


  4. I highly recommend it. Believe I was not a hiker or trekker before my first time. Training is the key and also the number of days on the trail. You don’t need to train distance just hills and steps and time. Train with the pack and trekking poles. Get your A huge number of organised treks go up too fast. Where did your partner trek in Nepal? Louise

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  5. Well maybe one day I’ll take the plunge and do it! I’d love to prove to myself that I could 🙂 My partner trekked the Annapurna circuit and also did the ABC trek. He loved it! I’ve seen some of his photos and the scenery is just unbelievable. I love a view and I think those might just be ultimate views!!


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