Twisting by the Pool

Music for Treadmill Training

Boot Camp Day Three

Simple Training Tips

Tip: A MP3 player loaded with favourite songs of varying tempo is a great tool for training.
Tip: Don’t pack your MP3 player for trekking, as you need to listen for animals approaching so you can move out of their way.
Tip: Buying a quality treadmill has been one of our best family purchases.

Using a home treadmill regularly is a great first step to fitness for someone over fifty.  It will feature in our 2015 Everest Base Camp Trek training. Our treadmill has a great position under the air conditioner with a 180 ° view of the ever changing Melbourne sky. Music keeps me going when I exercise. I could stay on the treadmill all day with a never-ending supply.

Usually I have a plan before I start; to walk, jog or do some incline walking or all three. The Trainer and I had agreed at least an hour session and stretches for today. I decided to concentrate on incline walking before a quick jog, knowing we have a long bike ride tomorrow. With one-kilo hand weights I started on a 2.5 step incline at 4.5 km per hour. Staying on the same incline I jogged at 6.4 kilometres per hour for ten minutes. Then at the twenty-minute mark it started. Twisting by the Pool. I lowered the belt and raised the speed to 6.6, probably not wise given I haven’t jogged for a while. The songs kept coming and I sped up. Fortunately country songs played next and I switched to six-step incline walk – great pre-training for more serious hills and steps in weeks to come.

Just as well it wasn’t Zorba the Greek. All the family agree it makes them run really fast.

3 thoughts on “Twisting by the Pool

  1. Love this post!

    Need to get back into it as Italy is taking its toll on my ever-expanding waistline. Too much great (and cheap) vino, delicious pasticcerias, wonderful pizza and pasta dishes! Not to mention the amazing fresh produce in the south here but that doesn’t increase the weight. And the cheeses, cured hams, and, and…see why I’m not losing weight although I’m walking 5-10kms/day? It’s a food feast every day here 😉


  2. I have several Italian posts to upload yet as we were in Italy over Dec 15- Jan 16 in Reg (drove from the UK). I was trying to start the process for Italian Citizenship but ran out of time on the Schengen visa and hopeless over the Xmas period – that’s another story.

    Have been here in Cosenza (Southern Italy) for 3 weeks trying to start again but no joy. The red tape is a bottomless cavern. I now need to fly back to Oz and apply for a different visa to return with this and start a different process; another story!


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