Monastery or Gompa at Khumjung Nepal

Om Mane Padme Hum

Khumjung Monastery

The colour on the inside of the monastery was a welcome warmth from the cloud that had descended on the town for most of the day. The monastery is the red building you can see on the right (below).

Khumjung Monastery Everest Base Camp trek
Khumjung Monastery in Late September Cloud
Khumjung Monastery Khumjung Nepal
Gompa at Khumjung

This monastery has the famous yeti skull. I don’t think it is right for me to have a photo of it here. You will have to go and see for yourself and pay a donation for the privilege.

Photos taken 25 September 2015. The weather can be cloudy at the end of September.  Also posts on the same day

19 thoughts on “Monastery or Gompa at Khumjung Nepal

  1. What a brilliant contrast of indoor and outdoor pictures. If I had my choice on that day, I would definitely have stayed inside!


  2. Your photographs are totally mesmerizing!!!! Thank you for sharing. Love the rich contrast between the interior and the foggy pastel light colored exterior of the day!



  3. It’s good to know there are still some places in this world that give me a sense of awe… Great photos.


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