Recharging in Nepal

Resting Spots Along the Trail to Everest Base Camp

A post about the porters on my Everest Base Camp Trek blog is long overdue. The Daily Post Daily Prompt Recharge has given me a perfect launching point.

Porters loads at a resting point on the EBC Trek

Trekking through the Khumbu you see resting points for porters to unload, rest and recharge. These resting spots are at a height so the porters can easily unload and reload onto their backs without having to lift their load from the ground.

The photo shows the typical oversized baskets called a doko used by porters. The T-shaped wooden walking stick at the bottom left of the screen is called a tokma.Porters perch on the tokmas when they need a rest. The photo below shows porters using their tokmas and slowly climbing the last bit of the steep trail into Namche Bazaar.The porter on the left is using the tomka to take the weight of his load while he rests. That’s me with the pumpkin coloured pack.Unbelievably we thought these loads were huge until our second trek in 2015 and saw all the building materials being taken up the mountains by these amazingly strong men. Although donkeys and yaks are used to carry goods up and down the mountains they cannot carry really heavy or oversized loads. 

Final ascent into Namche Bazaar Everest Base Camp Trek
Loaded donkeys on the Everest Base Camp trek
Heavy Timber Load being Carried by Porter up to Namche Bazaar

The load of timber sheet above weighed about 140 kilos.

Our Porter on the Everest Base Camp Trek

Wearing my much joked about hat, our lovely Porter Guide Basanta, recharging or maybe waiting for me to recharge! Read more about our Porter

Other posts  – the bridges , mountains, and more to follow.

25 Reasons to Trek to Everest Base Camp

14 thoughts on “Recharging in Nepal

  1. Quite amazing. Have a skim read of page 2 National Geographic article where a study compared Nepalese porters, African women, American soldiers carrying loads. The soldiers came in last with the capacity to carry. Thanks for reading. Hope you have a good week.

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  2. Hi Peggy, No those loads were crazy and there were lots of similar loads because of all the rebuilding after the earthquake. |It was scary watching them go over the bridges because they were so wide.Hope you are recharged after the weekend. Louise


  3. Boots that is the golden question. The Trainer wants to climb a mountain. Lake Mountain. I have told him where he can put that idea. We may well end back there again next year and do a different section of the same area next year. He was looking at the Cho La Pass an Gyoko Lakes on Google Earth Last night. Going to Sicily with our daughters is a plan too. Back to Cambodia to some islands, another idea. Not sure. But a trip is on the agenda. Louise


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