What, No Mirror ?


Yes I agree this is not a brilliant photo. But it is the only one from our Everest Base Camp trek with a reflection. And there were no mirrors either and I could have done with one of those. The EBC Trek equals bad hair days. I’m not sure which is better long hair or short.

Photos of reflections in water are rare on the EBC trek . The rivers are running too fast and are a milky colour. And the lakes are a milky green colour. I searched google images for Gokyo Lakes with reflections and found one. I’d like to know what conditions were needed to get the shot.

There are very few mirrors in the lodges on the Everest Base Camp trail. I remember one. Everything goes up to that part of the world by foot. By yak and donkeys and the tricky large and really heavy stuff goes up on a porter’s back. When you see a porter carrying glass windows up the hills on his back you reflect on how hard life is this part of Nepal.

You reflect a lot on the trek. You reflect on life there and life where you live. You reflect on the magnificent beauty of nature. You reflect on how small you are in the scheme of this big wonderful world we live in …

Porters climbing up to the bridge to Namche Bazaar
Lake near Dughla Nepal

A mirror is not a priority on a trek. You can see how scary your hat hair looked when you get back home. However I have just added it my list for our return trek in 2018.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Mirror

19 thoughts on “What, No Mirror ?

  1. I agree with iriam, great use of the reflect theme here both in your great photo and the words of your story. I loved walking in Nepal too with time to think or not think as the case may be. I remember being in an almost trance like state just from plodding along all day, maybe the high altitude had something to do with it too!! I also agree about not needing a mirror while on a trek…..great to read your post!

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  2. Also, that neat little camera of yours has a flip out screen allowing you to “see yourself” when ever you need! 😀


  3. Oh wow, the first picture is breathtaking. I love the reflexion of the mountain in the big puddle, this is such a clever composition 🙂 The views are incredible. I don’t think I’m fit enough and I wouldn’t have the motivation to train myself at the moment but it looks like the trip of a lifetime 🙂


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