Day Ten Dughla – Lobuche 2015 Trek

Dughla to Lobuche 1 October 2015

I slept badly because of Diamox the altitude sickness tablets, which make you pee all night.  We left our lodge quite late as we did not have far to walk and also wanted to wait for some of the cloud to clear. The trek out of Dughla was a steep climb. After the climb we spotted some very large quail type birds called the Tibetan Snow-Cock or Snowbird on the slopes.

Above that there are many cairns or chortens, memorials to the mountaineers who have died on Everest including Scott Fisher’s memorial. Some of the climbers made it to the summit and then died on the way down. The area is quite beautiful.

The clouds cleared above the chorten area. The landscape became very much like a moonscape with a small stream and reminiscent of the Scottish Highlands.

The walk was only two and a half hours. The Trainer went to explore the Italian weather pyramid. Inside our lodge was very warm with lots of laser-light in the roof letting the heat in. I stayed in bed happy to rest up for the next two very big days.

Eveerest Base Camp Trek Dughla to Lobuche
Pumori on the left on the trek to Lobuche

3 thoughts on “Day Ten Dughla – Lobuche 2015 Trek

  1. What you mean by shocking night’s sleep is you had a great sleep? I hope? I’m wondering about diamox. I don’t like peeing all night. I already do it a lot now, having just one kidney 😭. Anyway, did you just start taking it or did you take it from day 1? Wow you are getting closer to base camp I assume!


  2. Yes peeing alot but to tell the truth I can’t 100% remember the reason it may have been that there was noise from other rooms. For the most part I had lots of sleep. You go to sleep very early generally. I didn’t take Diamox the first time but we only went as far as Shomare. This trek we were advised to take it regardless at 4,000 metres. If you pace your trek and are going to Tengboche you may not need it. Yes the next post is to Gorak Shep where you walk to Base Camp from.


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