Day 1 Lukla to Phakding

2013 Trek to Everest Base Camp

For our 2013 Everest Base Camp trek training and preparation, videos and photos helped get an idea of what the trail would be like. One particular photo made me realise the need for step training. However the guide book and  The Trainer’s overview of the first day’s walk to Phakding didn’t quite match up with the experience. A two hour easy down hill walk said the guide book. Sam had done all the research and his words echoed the book. In the next few days I was about to discover how important  mental  preparation is.

What I wasn’t prepared for

Before we started out for Phakding my idea of downhill was downhill – not up hill and down hill in a general down hill direction. It took us about four and half hours walking and I thought we would never get to Phakding. From experience trekking in the Anna Purna region years ago, the Trainer had forewarned me the trail would be uneven and rocky. He had done a great job as personal trainer of designing  our training to prepare us for this. The track varied incredibly on the first day from cobblestones in Lukla,  to meandering flat paths, to rocky steps and very rocky sections. In the scheme of things Lukla to Phakding is an easy day and now we know to double the time needed in one guide book. A second guide  book now seems closer to the mark in terms of time.

The Everest Base Camp trail goes through small villages and can is narrow in parts. Shared by trekkers, porters, pack animals (yaks, donkeys and horses) and kids on their way to school and can be busy. I selected the photos to show how the track varies on the first day.

Walking out of Lukla


Lukla to Phakding Everest Base Camp Trek


Lukla to Phakding Everest Base Camp Trek


Lukla to Phakding Everest Base Camp trek


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