Kathmandu Street Scenes

Kathmandu Shops and Signs

Thamel in Kathmandu is a bit like the scene in Alice in Wonderland where there are signs everywhere and you still don’t know where to go.  A present for Mark from This Amazing Planet

thamel-street-2Thamel Street Kathmandu

We were told all the wires were internet cables not electricity.



17 thoughts on “Kathmandu Street Scenes

  1. Hello Agness, maybe four days in Kathmandu. This would give you time for Durbar Square, Swayambhanath,the Pasupanthinath ghats, the garden of dreams and a day outside of Kathmandu in Bhaktapur. Not sure if you read this post https://theyearitouchedmytoes.com/2016/09/21/what-to-do-in-thamel-kathmandu/#more-9967
    If the link doesn’t work try clicking on Kathmandu in the side column from the home page. Thamel is nice to just to walk around, take photos and there are great places to eat. AND My husband thinks the coffee is quite good there!


  2. Yes I know it, We stayed not far from there. We had meal there in 2013 which was lovely. That area of the hotel was totally destroyed by the quake. They obviously had rebuilding and fixing up to do and it is two years again since we were there. Good to hear you enjoyed it.

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