Street in Bhaktapur Nepal

Day Two: “Street” — Establishing Shot


Bhaktapur Nepal
Pots drying in the sun Bhaktapur

Bhaktapur is an UNESCO world heritage site not far from Kathmandu.The old town is closed to traffic so it is a peaceful place to walk and explore. Sadly Bhaktapur was significantly damaged in the 2015 earthquake. This photo was taken in 2013 when we first trekked on the EBC trail.

Bhaktapur is a medieval town and was at one stage the capital of Nepal. The city is famous for black clay pottery. I was taken by the hens siting on the pots drying in the sun.

Photography on the Everest Base Camp Trek

Focusing on fine details and smaller scale photos take second place to the big vistas, massive landscapes photos you take along the Everest Base Camp trail. Of course there are portrait opportunities of all the beautiful people, your trekking companions and some smaller scenes but largely it is about the big picture.

Many of the photos on the trek and in my blog posts about our two treks to Everest Base Camp were taken by the Trainer, my husband. I often joke that if I had taken all the photos I would still be walking. This photo was taken on my iPhone and  I chose it as one of the wider angle street scenes I took in Nepal but also because it  established the shot for the detail which interested me, the hens among the pots. No one seemed terribly bothered about them sleeping between and all over the pots..

You would like to read about our 2013 Trek or our 2015 Trek pages have links to the posts in a itinerary list.

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