First Steps to Fitness


In mid 2012 I quit my job. I desperately needed time off work and to find some work life balance. During those first few weeks off work, I fell in love with and bought, a beautiful new bicycle. Given my second hand one was in the shed covered in cobwebs, my husband was skeptical that I would use it. I proved him wrong.

The many beautiful rides along the river I enjoyed during my six months break and the increased level of fitness I felt were factors in my decision to not return to full time work. I really think that work life balance is impossible if you work full time.

I still ride most weeks and the rides fall into three categories:

  • Support for my daughters’ training runs
  • Company while my husband trains for a run
  • Longer rides with my husband along the Yarra River

On 19 January I added a new category to the list. Yes, I recorded the date on my training calendar. My husband suggested we explore the mountain trail bike tracks off the main trail. Another idea, not on my list of things to try.

These tracks are narrow with ruts, steep gullies, low hanging branches, tight corners and in parts very close to the edge of the riverbank. If you don’t concentrate you are likely to crash into a tree, end up in the river or at the very least fall off your bicycle.

On my day off this week, we explored a new trail. I was worried about snakes in the very   long undergrowth and of course I fell off into it. Not a spectacular fall but a fall all the same. I was sore for a day or two but I confess I do enjoy these mountain trail bike tracks even though I won’t be hurrying back to this particular one.

Fast forward to Another Bicycle Fall

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