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Train For Hills and Steps on the EBC Trek

How You Should Train To Enjoy The EBC Trek

There Are Lots of Steps on the EBC Trek So Do Step Training

Namche to Tengboche

  1. Do step training for the EBC Trek. It will Help to Trek to the Annapurna region  too.This part of the Everest Base Camp trek trail is just out of Namche Bazaar on the way to Tengboche. Worth all the effort with another amazing view just around the corner.We did our step training three months out from out EBC Trek departure date. The main two months we did our step training for Everest Base Camp Trek  are featured here. Here’s another photo of lots of stairs to prove the point.Everest Base Bamp TrekThese two people are runners from the Everest Base Camp Marathon in 2015.

    Train with and Take Trekking Poles on Your EBC Trek

  2. Trekking Poles will make a difference to how good your feel on your trek. Walking sticks or trekking poles are a good investment. They are even more important going downhill they lessen the impact on your knees. The will make your trek to Everest Base Camp experience much more enjoyable. Who wants to ache and be in pain at the end of each day of your trek.Don’t leave home without trekking poles if you are trekking in Nepal. Or I could say don’t leave Kathmandu without them. You can buy them cheaply there. However if you do that it might mean you haven’t trained with them. Training with your trekking poles is really important. Because you will ache after using them if you are not used to using trekking poles. Like any training you need to ease into and slowly build up the the  time and intensity you use equipment or use different muscles.
  3.   Train on Treadmill Inclines and Hills with Packs and Trekking Poles
  4. Training with All Your Gear Before You Leave For Your TrekThat means
      • Train with your pack with increasing weight. Do this even if you are only trekking with a 5 or 6 kilo day pack.
      • Train with your boots. Buy them early like six months before so they are well broken in.
      • Train with all your trekking clothes.
      • Train in the rain and the sun.
      • Train on the weekends and after work.
      • Train to you are sick of it.Because you will have days like these….                       see the video click here Two Hours To Tengboche






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