Day 6 to Gokyo and Cho La Pass – Mongla to Dole

Notes and Photos to Remind Us of the Journey

My notebook diary entry from my third trek

Sunday 30 September . 3975 – 4200 metres

Left late (stomach) 9:40 – arrived 2:10 pm. Walked down to Phortse Tenga (3808 metres).Had a lodge break and then UP to Dole. Good track, stairs and then flat.

Staying at Namaste Lodge (second lodge at the start of the village). Six lodges in total. New toilet. European toilet.

Lots of rhododendrons and shiny bronze barked trees and thorn bush, small rose hips.

Noticeable increase in prices.

Map the EBC trek and the Three passes of the Khumbu region Nepal
Map of the EBC trek and the Three passes
Track between Phortse Tenga and Dole
The pretty but continuous walk UP from Phortse Tenga to Dole

I have made some notes each day on all of our Nepalese treks. This helps me remember what the photos don’t tell me. My first note mentions a problematic stomach the morning we left Monjo. Trekking independently meant we could leave when we wanted to, but still taking into account the advice of the porter guide. Although it is best to leave your lodge early to to maximise on the sun before it disappears behind mountains later in the day. It doesn’t mean you have to leave your lodge when its still dark.

Unfortunately when we left Australia for the trek I was sick with a cough. So the steep climb up from Phortse Tenga down at river level up to a height above Dole and down again took a lot of effort and a lot of coughing. I had to stop a lot to catch my breath and was exhausted when I arrived.

Our porter knew the people running one of the lodges so we stayed there on his recommendation.

Dole on the way to Gokyo in the Khumbu
The small village of Dole

21 thoughts on “Day 6 to Gokyo and Cho La Pass – Mongla to Dole

  1. Hi Louise, taking notes was a great idea to jog the memory bank. Sounds like your trip and trek got off to a challenging start. But oh my, those views are spectacular! Hope you’re keeping well. xx


  2. So nice to see your post in my in-box Louise. I’ve been thinking about you. Hope all is well with you and yours. Note-taking while travelling is a great thing, and isn’t it fun to re-read after some time has passed?! The pandemic hasn’t stopped me from dreaming about international travel and Nepal stays high on my list. I was actually researching some trekking options the other day and came across Gokyo/Gogyo Lake, which looks extraordinary (as does most stuff). How does this route compare to your EBC treks? Perhaps you’ve already written about this…I’ll have to look through your blog. Cheers, Caroline!


  3. Hi, Louise – I was delighted to see this post. Richard has moved Everest Base Camp up to the top of his Travel Bucket List (his wish is for BOTH of us to do this trip). I’ll definitely be back to reread this blog!


  4. Hi Caroline, yes the notes have helped me remember some finer points. Like how could I forget I coughed myself silly while walking. No I haven’t written about this trek compared to Base Camp but I will one just for you. On school holidays at the moment so it means I have the energy to write – otherwise I am on the computer day and night. The Gokyo lake trek does compare. Less popular therefore quieter. The view of Everest from Gokyo Ri is better than from EBC. I wouldn’t recommend doing Cho La Pass though it is dangerous. I am bit spurred on to get a few posts written now. Thanks for stopping by. Needless to say we are not going anywhere for a while. Can’t get out of the city even yet. Louise

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  5. Yes, I know I am dreamin’!! I think we will get a credit for this trip and use it to walk domestically. We can always go back to Nepal when the dust settles. I just feel for the people there and their economy must be completely stuffed.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Yes Alison I’m back at least for a post or two at the minute. Yes interesting that I said a western toilet because we did mostly have them in our accommodation. From memory it was very new and swanky by normal standards. I should have taken a photo. Yes the small joys especially when trekking.

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  7. What a wonderful adventure, Louise. I think you’re looking back? I am impressed by your tenacity especially when you’re not feeling well. Terrific blog.


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