Day 2 to Gokyo and Cho La Pass – Monjo to Namche Bazaar – a Short Walk

Mental Preparation and Climbing Slowly to Namche Bazaar is Key to a Successful EBC Trek

People planning to trek to Everest Base Camp read about the steep 600 metre climb to Namche Bazaar after crossing the high bridge over the Dudh Kosi river and gorge.

why you need to climb to Namche bazaar slowly

The climb is so steep you can’t do anything but go slow. And it is not a race. So if you know you have a long slow climb, that people, animals and porters need to take it in turns to cross a very high suspension bridge and you need to give way to people and animals on a path than is steep and can have parts that need to be negotiated with care then you are half way. Because knowing what is ahead of you is half the challenge. You are mentally prepared and need only to take your time and rest at the strategic resting spots and enjoy the slow and strenuous walk. You will be rewarded by some stunning views and the interesting and picturesque town of Namche Bazaar which you enjoy and where you can “rest” and acclimatise for two days.

The resting spot before the climb up to cross the higher bridge.

The spot above is a must rest spot and great spot for the iconic photo taken before on your trek up to Namche and after on your return from Base Camp.

Waiting your turn on trail up to Namche Bazaar
Taking turns to wait on tricky spots and always giving way to animals and porters

Rushing and not giving way to others and especially to animals is dangerous. Move well out of the way and find a safe place to stand when you hear animals approaching. The yaks, donkeys and horses wear bells to give you time to find a good place on the inside side of the trail.

Above the Dudh Kosi river and gorge
Just above the bridge, See the resting spot below just above the river on the right of the photo.

That’s me and our lovely porter guide right behind me. Checking my watch. Not becasue I’m in a hurry but because I need to note the time we take to climb the 600metres to be able to record it for this post! Which I then forgot to write down.

Fruit sellers climbing to Namche Bazaar EBC
Women selling fruit at the rest stop on the ascent to Namche Bazaar in 2013.

Make sure you rest for a while where the fruit sellers and toilets are half way up. Yes that’s me buying an apple in 2013 on our first time up the trail. And sooner than you realise you will have reached the top of the climb to Namche Bazaar.

Lower part and gate to Namche Bazaar
The kaani gateway and the freshly painted chorten.

There is an alternate way in. We didn’t know the first time because we were trekking totally independently without a porter guide. Dumb decision. So we walked up this very steep climb.

Final ascent into Namche Bazaar Everest Base Camp Trek

That’s me with the orange scarf and orange coloured backpack in 2013.

Shops in Namche Bazaar
Shops coming into Namche Bazaar. And one of the great bakeries. Check out the apple pie.

My diary entry for this day in 2018 was simply.

Day 2 Monjo – Namche Bazaar 8:30 – 1:00.

That’s it. That’s all I wrote because we had walked up for the third time and we well knew, the sights and rest stops and just how strenuous it was. The step and hill training I have talked about in our training for EBC posts mean that you will get up there without aching all over. You will be tired and want to rest on your bed for while but you won’t be all aches and pains. That a message for people of every age. if you are young don’t just automatically think you have got it covered.

So the climb to Namche Bazaar took us four and half hours with lots of rests and taking our time. That was from Monjo and that is why we decided to make a longer day of it the day before on Day One. We had arrived in on the first group of planes in for the day and had made such good time into Phakding that after lunch we decided to just keep on going. And importantly we knew what to expect and were mentally prepared for the extra effort to get further along the trail but not to increase too much in altitude.

32 thoughts on “Day 2 to Gokyo and Cho La Pass – Monjo to Namche Bazaar – a Short Walk

  1. Hi Peggy, Yes well… you know me. Guess what ? We are off to Bali for a non mountain holiday. A pool, a book and some nice food will keep me very happy.well and some nice rice paddy walks too. Are you back from Vietnam? I have been meaning to read those posts. We are training for 35 km Bloody walk here next weekend. The training is taking over my life – so bring it on. And you know what. Distance is much harder than the hills. I think those Camino -ers have got it hard. Louise

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  2. Great tips here, Louise. It is also good advice for the Camino, or any long hike/trek.

    1. Doing your research ahead of time is a must.
    2. Being mentally prepared/fit makes all of the difference in the world.
    3. Slow and steady “wins the race”.
    4. Rushing and not giving way to others ((including animals) is dangerous — with no upside!

    Awesome photos too!

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  3. It must have been a truly amazing experience to hike the EBC trail. Even just this small portion of it sounds like a challenge. I remember the highest mountain pass on the way to Machu Picchu at 14,000 ft – fortunately, although we had no guide, we did have an experienced hiker with us and she knew enough to make sure we went slowly.

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  4. Hey Louise, starting a blog site is like opening a never-ending can of worms – very time-consuming.
    Not sure, my WP has been doing the same with many of my ‘real’ comments and quite annoying as need to spend time going through my Spam and Trash folders.

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  5. I was just thinking about Nepal today and when I’m able to realize that dream of going there. I hope I can still do it in a few years. I know it’s not an easy feat and I’m no longer sure how mentally and physically fit I am now. But I will still keep the dream! Thanks for this post Louise!

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  6. It’s a great metaphor for life too isn’t it, being mentally prepared. Still, we don’t always know what’s around the next bend, like you did here. What a challenge. You always inspire me. And now this Bloody Long Walk too. Way to go Louise! xx

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  7. Nice to see another Everest post Louise. I have become much better at taking things slow while hiking and biking…so much more enjoyable and safe. I’m still hoping to do the base camp trek one of these days!

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  8. Boots, You will be mentally and physically fit when the time is right for you. I won’t let you get on the plane until you are! And don’t let age worry you because there are lots of older people on that track including me! Louise x


  9. I’ve done steep uphill hikes in Slovakia. I found that you get into a kind if hypnotic rhythm after a bit. And wow the feeling of accomplishment when you reach the top.

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