Dawa Phuti Sherpa Community Leader

Dawa Phuti Sherpa in the Paradise Lodge Lukla

For some time I have planned to write a post about this amazing woman who I met on both our Everest Base Camp treks. Both our treks started out from her  Paradise Lodge in Lukla after breakfast, after our early flight to Lukla. We stayed our last night in Lukla before our morning flights back to Kathmandu at the end of our treks.

This photo was taken after our evening meal in her lodge in October 2015. Due to the two earthquakes that year, it was a quiet night guest wise in the lodge and so she had some time to sit down and talk to me about her work in the Khumbu. The reason I knew to ask about her work in the community was  because on our 2013 trek we found a hotel directory with some information about Dawa and her husband Ang Pasang.

I have taken the information from the directory.

Dawa Phuti Sherpa

  • Born in Khunde
  • First Sherpa woman from the Khumbu region to attend school
  • Served as a nurse in the Khunde Hospital
  • Served as a teacher in the Khumjung School (The Edmund Hilary School)
  • Has been working in the hospitality industry for thirty years
  • Chairperson of the women’s group
  • Board member of the Himalayan Trust Nepal
  • Board member of Pasang Lhamu Nique Hospital Lukla
  •  Recipient of the Friends of Khumbu
  • Recipient of the Peace Ambassador
  • Recipient of the Nava Durga award

Needles to say she is very busy with running the lodge and all the community work she continues to do. What better day than International Women’s Day, to acknowledge Dawa Phuti Sherpa’s wonderful work in the Khumbu both past and present.

Paradise Lodge Dining Room

Inside dining room at Paradise Lodge talking with Dawa

Nava Durga Award in Nepal

Celebrates Womanhood started in 2002 as an annual event to celebrate the vision, inner beauty and power of women. The objective is to honour women in various fields of arts, education, sports, community service, health and industry and to applaud their dedication to their respective fields. Shrijana Singh Yonjan, the mind behind the event says that each award has been named after a goddess and the attribute she signifies. The awards recognise nine different fields of achievement (Nava Durga).

Nav Dugra Maa

Nava Durga Maa

Leaving Lukla Memorial to Pasang Lhamu the first Nepalese woman to summit Everest.

Pasang Lhamu Memorial Gate outside of Lukla


29 thoughts on “Dawa Phuti Sherpa Community Leader

  1. This is one of the reasons we travel, and one of the reasons we get involved in our communities… to meet inspiring people like this. It restores faith in humanity. It invigorates our spirits. It gives us vision, and direction. It leaves us feeling fulfilled and inspired. Thanks for sharing your experiences with her.

    What was your take-away from the experience? What did she say to you or reveal to you about herself that you found to be the most moving, the most inspiring?


  2. Hi Louise, what a remarkable woman and so wonderful for you to have the chance to talk to her. I like the photo of the two of you engrossed in conversation in the lodge. Cheers, Caroline


  3. So many incredible women in every corner of the world. How very fortunate for you to have been able to spend time with Dawa & I can certainly understand how she left an impact on you.


  4. What a brilliant post to help celebrate International Womens’ Day. Thank you for sharing this.
    Very inspiring!


  5. What a lovely way to acknowledge International Woman’s Day Louise. Great photo of you both. I’m sure you have very special memories of your time with her.


  6. Great post Louise… truly a good choice for IWD…opens our eyes to the wider world.


  7. Hi Sheri, Actually I was asking about what she was doing currently in her local community. There are groups to improve literacy and related skills of women in the area and they also do projects with local school children, so I was asking her about those projects.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. And what did you find out? I’m really curious. What is she doing to improve the literacy rates of those women ? What was her literacy rate like? What we’re the projects involving the children about? I know it was a while ago, but do you remember?


  9. Happy (late) international woman’s day! It makes me smile to learn about women like her! Thanks for sharing this.

    Btw, I know you wanted to create a second blog. If you haven’t yet, may I suggest to keep this blog? It doesn’t have to be just for your Everest posts, you can make it for everything! Anyway, it doesn’t specifically say, “The year I touched my toes in the Everest region” does it? Lol! It’s a beautiful blog and I’d hate to see these posts not included in the other blog.

    It’s just a suggestion…don’t mind me Haha! Take care Louise!


  10. Hi Boots, I will be keeping this blog but having a second blog as well. If I put too much non EBC trek stuff on the blog it will loose it’s current ranking in Google searches. I will continue to put new posts and I will have some interaction between the two blogs, i think. You saying it’s such a beautiful blog means a lot to me. Thank you. Thank you for your thoughts and you take care too. You were the first person i really connected with on my blog and hold a special place because of it. We are loosely planning a third return trek in 2018 on a slightly different route so there will be more new content there too. Louise x


  11. Yes I remember your blog from the very beginning and I’m so glad to see it get a bigger following now! I love what you write, it’s not just about your trek but also goes deeper than what you’ve done. I love it when you write about the people you’ve met, your Sherpa, etc.

    Please keep this blog but of course I look forward to the second one as well! Perhaps all your hiking trips are written here and the others on the second blog? Is that what you were thinking?


  12. Well at least further treks in Nepal and if I can weave active things like our walk to Australia’s highest mountain a few months ago I will. Thank you for noticing the deeper aspect, it’s when I am really focusing on writing as the craft and try to evoke some emotion. Thanks for noticing this, it means you are taking your time to read it too.


  13. Such a wonderful post. I am really keen to go to Everest Base Camp – if I do I will definitely look up Paradise Lodge!


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