A Spruiker and an Announcement

Sunday 19 February 2017 – A Market in Melbourne


My husband and the red dress

Yes that’s my husband with my daughter’s floppy hat on, keeping him dry from the rain. If there is one thing he hates it’s getting his curly head wet. We were at the popular Sunday Camberwell Market checking out my daughter and her boyfriend’s once off stall and it was raining. The boyfriend had set up the stall at six am, was well organised and had sold a lot. My daughter in contrast arrived after ten, with her stuff and no level of organisation. Hungover from the night before, her interest was low and due to the rain so was the buyers’ interest.


Number One Daughter (left) thought the spruiking was hilarious


Drumming up Business

We needed to hire a crowd or something. On the customer side of the stall, I started pulling out articles of clothing from the pile making loud comments. Pointing out nice pieces and how they could be worn. My husband with the floppy hat on starting spruiking. He has a quick dry wit and the lines were coming thick and fast. Comments included:

“This is once in a lifetime … we’ll never do it again … because we’re not making any money.” With a sexy red dress in his hands “Wear this and you never will never have to pay for a drink again.”

Despite almost thirty years of marriage I was a little surprised. I’m usually the one to strike up a conversation with perfect strangers, not him. In no time as a team we had drawn a little crowd, getting a few chuckles and smiles which of course encouraged us on.

Then from the pile of clothes, I pulled the little piggy hat I had bought as a joke for my daughter in Kathmandu. So I put it on. Sorry no photo, fortunately. I moved to the next stall to spruik for a woman who was trying to give away boxes of books. As I bantered away I thought I may have missed an opportunity as a stand-up comedienne and perhaps when my husband transitions to part time work in his semi-retirement he could spruik!


This little piggy went to market

Driving home, I thought how the last hour at the market would be good material for a post – if I had the right blog. But The Year I Touched My Toes is not the right place.

Two thirds of the traffic to my blog is from search engines. The numbers of hits are comparatively modest but the hits just keeping bubbling away even if I’m not posting a lot. I’m happy with where the blog is appearing on Google for various key word searches and the search terms showing in the WordPress stats section.

I started my blog because I wanted to share an amazing travel experience I’d had, which had left me on a high unlike I’d ever experienced. I felt the fittest I had ever been and was positively glowing. I wanted to tell all my friends and everyone I met about it. I wanted to tell the world, especially women in their fifties like me, who had never done anything physically adventurous before. I wanted to tell them, they too could trek to Everest Base Camp and love the experience. And want to go back. It was a physical challenge I’d never planned and was well out my comfort zone. In fact, I was terrified and really did not want to go, but someone I loved was doing it and I needed to be there too. With my husband.

He did all the research, planned the itinerary made the bookings. Most of all he became, The Trainer. My Trainer. Let me tell you it was no mean feat. Given I was terrified and not particularly fit, certainly not Base Camp fit, he did a great job of getting me trained, fit and there and back.

So I decided to share our story for people researching the Everest Base Camp Trek and The Year I Touched My Toes was born. Two years later, given the stats, I feel I have achieved what I set out to do. It still needs more work but I feel I can keep it bubbling along without having to work on it on a weekly basis. If and only if I keep the content focused on the Everest Base Camp Trek because too much non-EBC content will dilute my search indexing (if that is the right terminology) which I don’t want to happen.

This year I’ve enviously watch bloggers taking part in different challenges wanting to be part of the fun or post on other aspects of my life and other travels.

So for months I have been thinking about starting a second blog. Do I have time to do this? I’ve decided it’s a no brainer and I should just do it. So that’s the announcement. My new blog which is coming soon, will be about other the things I love. Books, art, future travel plans, some past travel experiences, family, my garden and well, whatever I feel like. With stories like my husband spruiking at the market why wouldn’t I start a second blog?

What I didn’t expect from my blogging journey was how much I would enjoy the interaction with other bloggers. The WordPress Community is very supportive and I have enjoyed being a part of it. It gives me a laugh over my morning cuppa and at night when I have more time I see wonderful photos and art, new places and read about peoples’ lives, stories, travels, challenges and heartfelt thoughts.


Miriam, me and Deb

This week I met two of my blogging friends Deb from Deb’s World and Miriam from Out and About and we spent a lovely few hours together. In closing this post I want to acknowledge some of the bloggers I have enjoyed reading and meeting over the blogosphere.

To all of you thank you for your support and company. Louise

Boots from In the Wrong Boots

Nicole from Third Eye Mom

Caroline from Writes of Passages

Alison from Adventures in Wonderland

Peggy from Where to next?

Deb from Deb’s World

Miriam from Out and About

Dormouse Tidings

Marcus from the Streets of Nuremberg

Nilla from Image Earth Travel

Sheri from Trail to To Peak : The Adventurous Path

Francesca from Almost Italian

Claudia from Claudia McGill and Her Art World

Stuart Murdoch my social media mentor and who inspires me with his photography



28 thoughts on “A Spruiker and an Announcement

  1. Thank you Louise for the link to Dormouse Tidings and for listing the other blogs you enjoying reading. I will certainly be checking out your favourites when I have my next ‘lazy Sunday’. I look forward to your new blog and am wondering what catchy name you’ll come up with this time? (I love EBC blog name 🙂 )


    • No, thank you. I have enjoyed your Jordan posts so much. I know I need to do a bit of a catch up too.
      I’m glad you like the name of my blog. It was the first that came to mind and it stayed the distance against any other name I played with. Louise


  2. Louise, this time you got me with new word. I had to look up “spruiker”. That’s great, you guys make a good team. I don’t think I could spruik.
    That’s exciting news about your new blog. I look forward to its debut.
    I’m honoured to be on your list. I too am amazed by how much enjoyment I get from interaction with other bloggers. Hopefully one day we can meet in person. Cheers, Caroline


  3. Love this post and the announcement Louise. Even more so the last photo of you with fellow WP bloggers! How awesome! Thanks so much too for mentioning me Louise. I was thrilled to find your blog and look so forward to what you have to write about in your new blog! Keep inspiring!


  4. Looking forward to your new blog Louise! I enjoyed your first immensely and I’m sure I will too with the second one.

    If it hadn’t been for the blogging community’s support I would t have continued blogging. Although I don’t do much to have a bigger audience, I’m quite happy with just a few of my regular readers.


  5. Great post Louise and I’m so glad we got to meet up on person. Congrats on taking on a new blog, I really look forward to reading it and I’m inordinately pleased to be included in your reading list 🙂 Look forward t our next catch-up!


  6. Hey Louise, reading this post way past my bedtime, let me be the first to say congratulations on what you’ve achieved. And, as I said to you in person, I think this second blog is a wonderful idea. I’ve no doubt you’ll thoroughly enjoy it. Great post too BTW. xo

    Liked by 2 people

  7. Look forward to the second blog. AND for a chance to meet you in person. Very jealous of your recent encounter with Deb and Miriam. One day for us. Oh, and loved the red dress spruik. ‘Never have to buy a drink again.’ Too funny!

    Liked by 1 person

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