Meeting Miriam

I’ve let blog milestones pass without mention but this one cannot go unshared. This week for the first time, I met one of the bloggers I follow. I was ecstatic when I found her, my first Melbourne blogger and just up the road. Miriam from Out and About.

I watch out for her regular posts with beautiful photos of parts of Australia, hear the latest on where she has been, what she has been up to and what’s happening at home, with the family, her garden and her animals. Her inspirational comments and heartfelt musings on life are something I look forward to reading each week.

She walked in the café after me. No need for the pink carnation. I recognised her from photos. I imagined her taller. Perhaps because of her big generous spirit pervading all her beautiful posts. Her generosity with her time spent on her thoughtful comments and conversations with her many followers and newcomers to her blog show her warmth and special connection with people.

We swapped blog technical notes, the ins and outs, ups and downs of being a blogger. Both of us agreed we loved being part of the WordPress Community. We talked about our families, plans for travel and the year ahead.

She didn’t know much about me as my blog is really one subject, our treks to Base Camp.Funnily and perhaps surprisingly I hadn’t talked to anyone about our treks in a while. Relaying to Miriam, first hand some of the reasons why the Everest Base Trek was such an amazing experience made the hairs stand up on my arms again. Just like clockwork. Due to work commitments, Christmas, Summer holidays my blog has been neglected and I feel like a stalled car. But talking to Miriam was the spark I needed to get the pistons firing.

Meeting Miriam was lovely. But do you know what? I forgot to ask after her dog Harry and my favourite Lamby her sheep.

32 thoughts on “Meeting Miriam

  1. Lovely post Louise, you both look very happy to meet up. This is the first time I have fully registered you live in Australia and I’ve been reading your inspiring blog for a while now. Glad to read your pistons are fired up again, looking forward to reading more of your posts.


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  3. Oh Howe I loved to read this post! I adore Miriam and have also gotten to know you through your blog. What a delight to meet in person! Thanks for sharing and hope to read a post of yours soon!


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  5. I totally agree, Louise! Meeting a fellow blogger is an incredible experience. I am so glad that you had this opportunity.
    This past October, I had the pleasure of meeting Janis from Two months later I met Jude from GideonSockPuppet, In both cases, the conversation continued non-stop as if we had known each other our entire lives.
    If you are ever on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, please give me a shout. (Hey, you never know)!


  6. I’m so glad the pistons are firing again Louise. Meeting you was wonderful and it was lovely getting to know you over a few hours. As for having a post named in my honor, what can I say, I’m stoked! Thank you for the lovely words here. xo P.S. Harry and Lamby say hi.

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