Pop-Up Restaurant at Everest Base Camp Aims for Peak of Fine Dining

Talk about an “extreme foodies wish Luist”. Would love to know what they all ate. If you could do this where would it be ?

CHINDIA ALERT: You'll be living in their world, very soon

Chefs are trekking thousands of feet to prepare fancy food in the cold

Trekkers pass through a glacier at the Mount Everest base camp, Nepal.

The peaks of fine dining just keep getting higher and higher.

A caravan of roving chefs and their 15 guests is currently making its way up the Himalayas toward the base camp at Mount Everest, where, 17,500 feet above sea level and amid the lashing winds and bone-penetrating chill of the Nepalese winter, food will be served.

The One Star House Party, as the project has been dubbed, is preparing 16 more such destination dining experiences, one a month, through 2018, though not all of the destinations are so extreme. Among the chefs involved is James Sharman, a onetime chef de partie at Noma, the influential, soon-to-close restaurant that put Copenhagen on the global culinary map.

The Nepal journey is costing…

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11 thoughts on “Pop-Up Restaurant at Everest Base Camp Aims for Peak of Fine Dining

  1. This is so weird! I know what they try to do at Noma and it’s highly commendable… but what could they possibly forage in such an inhospitable, bareen, high elevation place to eat? Lichen? Just when you thought Everest had become a well-travelled, no longer on the edge of the frontier place, it gets switched up like this. The creativity of humanity never ceases to amaze me.

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  2. Darnit. I was wondering why I wasn’t seeing any of your posts in my reader. For some reason I was no longer following your blog. Glad I checked in and have rectified this. It looks like you have some interesting material and I’m going to try and catch up. This is a bizarre story and way over the top. Nice “seeing” you agin Louise. Cheers, Caroline


  3. Hi Caroline, I am glad that you discovered this. I knew I hadn’t heard from you for a while.
    I am very behind on posting and reading my reader posts. October through to December was very crazy at work for me and I just ran out of steam. Also have a few breaks away over Christmas and been on my blog. Time away from the computer is good though. I have a few posts of yours to catch with too.

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  4. Caroline I Love Cambodia. LOVE IT. We stayed at the River Garden in Siem Reap which we loved. They have Cooks on Tuk Tuks cooking school. I have just checked the website they are closed until June 2017. Renovations maybe? I really loved Siem Reap. we would like to go Laos. It’s on the list. Look forward to the posts.


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