Reminiscing – the Trip of My Life

IMG_1809The Best Travel Adventure

Trekking to Everest Base Camp

I had travelled through the Sahara and been to Timbuktu, seen Iguazu Falls and Rio and lived in Milan and Buenos Aires and was about to go on the trip of my life but I didn’t know it. I sat on the couch with a small pot of expensive lip moisturiser in my hands, crying.  I was exhausted from training five times a week and had managed to get out of another session with my tears. My pack contents had just been weighed in by The Trainer. He was being tough. I could take 5.5 kilos in my back pack and the lip moisturiser didn’t make the cut. I couldn’t take my little pot of luxury on the trek unless I cut weight from my essentials. I would be carrying it up the hills.

That was November 2013 just before leaving for our first trek attempt to Everest Base Camp. In my fifties I was feeling fitter than I had ever felt in my life, had trained for over six months and in preparing for the trek attempted things I had never tried before. My first 5 kilometres run, for one.

Four weeks later back in Melbourne, despite having not reached our destination it was still the most amazing travel adventure of my life. I was glowing. I wanted to tell the world what am amazing experience I had had. We planned to return and reach Everest Base Camp. It was a lesson of if you don’t succeed the first time try again.

This time last year, we went again and we made it. We made it. And it was the best.

Base Camp is at our feet and Everest above the Trainer’s head. Obviously the weight standards dropped on the second trek. That yellow wig made it into the pack and into the iconic shots.

See me reaching the top of Kala Patthar

The 2015 Trek – day by day 

The 2013 Trek – day by day

12 thoughts on “Reminiscing – the Trip of My Life

  1. I’m still longing for the trip of my life! Since I found out I won’t be able to go (which is supposedly next month already!), I have been depressed and haven’t stepped out to walk except when I walk my dog. But that doesn’t count. The brat stops at every post, every bush, etc to pee! Lol! But your post reminded me I should still pursue the training since who knows I may leave for the trip of my life in a few months 😜. You never know!

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