Here’s Looking at You Kid


Just a reminder that Nepal is not all about mountains. This photo was taken at the Chitwan National Park on the fringe of the Indian plains. We rode on top of this fellow into to the forest in search of rhinos, tigers and deer. They are magnificent creatures, aren’t they?

Not part of our original travel plans in 2013 but after turning back from our trek to EBC we had some days up our sleeve so we visited Chitwan and Pokhara.

In response to Day Seven – Big – Point of View – from the Developing Your Eye  – Photography Challenge.

The two rocks are a mother and baby rhino having a nap. Frankly I was happy with that !


9 thoughts on “Here’s Looking at You Kid

  1. I love being out in the wild. Elephants are such majestic and gentle animals. Although, I’ve never sat on an elephant. 😦 Rhinos (especially with a kid) can get quite aggressive if triggered. If left alone, they’re equally gentle. Love your captures. 🙂


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