A Little Aside

I still have my blog Learner plates on and I haven’t read all the learner book rules. Nor have I taken the Blog Basics 101 course. My learning style is a lot about hands on, learning by doing and making mistakes and sometimes repeating those mistakes, perfectly.

I had to laugh about a Facebook friend who was roped into bike ride on mountain bike trails by her husband yesterday, too. And 32 km no less, well done I say. Funny thing was that she fell off her bike in her driveway when she got home. My question is – we didn’t sign up for this, did we?

Now I am going to have a little experiment with where this post ends up and then get on the treadmill.

7 thoughts on “A Little Aside

    • Hi, Yes I guess I have. Been meaning to write a new status and say I’m on my P plates now. I was just reading Third eye Mum’s post about her fifth anniversary which is where I found you. I saw some of your posts were Victorian and from SA. I was interested especially as I live in Melbourne and grew up in Adelaide and have been to some of the SA locations. I still have lots to learn about the blogging and am planning to step it up a bit this year. I like your guinea pig posts. Just scrolled through at this stage but will have a closer look over the weekend.

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  1. I too am a challenged by technology. tried to post before and it wanted a password. By the time i sorted it everything i had written was deleted. Anyway yes I fell off right at the very end. David had taken me off road without warning and I was faced with dirt and vertical slopes. He says I’m exaggerating but that’s what they felt like. ..Bike riding was never on my to do list and I am only doing it reluctantly as it’s a bit easier on the aging body. You were an inspiration when you were preparing for your last trek. It’s fun if not hard and exhausting getting fit after 30 years of being too busy to be anything but a sloth. Looking forward to your next adventure xx


  2. Bahahahaha. ..yes I fell off right by the garage door. Can’t believe I made it up and down, what felt like vertical slopes (David says I’m exaggerating but that’s what they felt like) and came a cropper at the very end. Yesterday was not what I signed up for or was on my to do list….bastard tricked me. He’s been trying to get me out on the bike for years so I think he is planning all kinds of adventures. .but a heads up would be nice next time. ..although then I might chicken out. It’s an amazing feeling getting fit for the first time in 30 years. .you inspired me with your first trek. .Can’t wait to see what you achieve this time xx


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