About Me

I’m a fifty something year old female.Training to trek to Everest Base Camp. It’s my second go. Tackling such a physical challenge and feeling so incredibly fit was a first for me. It was an exhilarating feeling and I want it again.

6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Louise,
    I loved reading your blog about your experience and journey reaching ebc,
    I am 53 and this is now my goal, to train to attempt the challenge of reaching ebc hopefully in March/April 2017 (let the training begin). I’m just trying to persuade my daughter to join me on the trip, she’s 30 next year and I’m more willing than her at the moment!! I’ll show her your blog to allay her fears!
    Ive done lots of Internet research trying to find people’s experiences in my age group and your blog was a perfect find.
    Thanks again 😀


    • Hi Sue, I am so pleased to read this, you have no idea how pleased. The mother daughter thing sounds perfect. originally our two daughters were both coming – well really it was them and my husband and me if I wanted to. I really wasn’t keen at all. In the end my older couldn’t go because of her work and the younger one didn’t want to go just with us. So my husband and I went. There was no way i would let him go by himself. if you have any specific questions just let me know. Louise


  2. Thanks again for stopping by and following my blog. I’m having a great time cruising through yours and am so super impressed by your Everest Base Camp trek. Hats off to you.


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