Oops the Training Slipped this Week

After my brilliant off track bike ride on Monday my training wasn’t so brilliant this week. I didn’t manage to fit in my agreed mid week session. Still sore from my bike fall, Tuesday was not an option. Going out midweek is not something I normally do but Wednesday night I had dinner at a friend’s house and Thursday my monthly book club so these two events impacted on my plans. No excuse my personal trainer would say. So on Friday after work, my husband suggested we walk to our local park straight after an early dinner.

With daylight saving ending soon, it was great to take advantage of daylight and the cool evening. He was keen to get a less strenuous session in before his 15.5 kilometre run in the Run for Kids on Sunday. Saturday I spent cleaning the house. I couldn’t neglect it any longer.

Today, Sunday I had thought I wouldn’t get much exercise as I promised to be “support team” for my husband’s run. As it turned out, I walked from the car to the Start line, to the art gallery for a quick visit, back to our meeting spot near the Finish line and finally back uphill to the car, probably close to four kilometres.

Tonight I will try to do some stretches and maybe a short incline session on the treadmill to compensate. I promise myself to be more disciplined this week. Just want you all to know that I have not so good weeks and that is ok.

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