Training at the Park

Walking and Jogging at our Local Park

Tip: Don’t forget to time your training sessions and record the times on your training calendar.

This morning I walked and jogged to our nearest park. Dog walkers, walkers and joggers share the park. The few cyclists are mostly young children with their families, so getting run over by a bike is less likely there than some of our other training destinations. Over the cool January my husband and I enjoyed many walks here together. He says walking with me is like walking a dog because I run off the path looking at and collecting things. Birds, cobwebs, spiders and bark on trees catch my eye and the visual artist in me wants to examine the textures, colour and detail. I have enjoyed some special glimpses of nature such as two white cockatoos feeding their fledgling baby in the hollow of a gum, now vacated. And there is also my search for feathers and the elusive pink galah breast feather that I will, one day find. This morning I struck up a conversation with a woman who started jogging at the age of 45 and is starting again after a five-year break. The big five zero birthday coming up spurred her to take up the challenge again. I ventured off the track to include some BMX bike humps in the jogging. A habit encouraged by my husband when we trained for the 2013 Everest Base Camp trek. If there was a small hill somewhere or some rocky ground he insisted I go over it. Tip: Having a range of outside destinations for fitness training is great. 

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